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Published work for B2B SaaS

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Hey there! 👋

Since starting my career in Content Marketing, I've written a lot of words and led multimedia content projects such as webinars, larger virtual events, and video production. Here I've highlighted some of my favorite pieces of work published between August 2019 to December 2021.

Here's a little bit more about my day on the job:

✏️ As a Content Marketing Specialist, I wrote for blogs, ebooks, website pages, social media posts, email marketing, event marketing, and digital ad campaigns.

🔭 After taking on the role of a Content Marketing Manager, my area of focus has expanded to building content strategy and driving performance through SEO, email journeys, partnerships with influencers, and close collaboration with customers.


🚘 Smartcar (Content Marketing Manager)


  • Win more #1 and first-page rankings for target keywords by creating new content and optimizing existing content.

  • Drive more newsletter subscribers and higher email open rates on a month-by-month basis.

  • Increase the volume of traffic and social media conversions surrounding new customer stories.

  • Introduce new operational and strategic processes for creating, distributing, and repurposing content as a one-person content team.


Customer stories


🧑🏽‍💻 Scribe (Freelance Writer)


🏢 HireEZ (Content Marketing Specialist/Manager)


  • Led community and webinar programs as part of our content strategy + organized and hosted a two-day virtual summit with 8 speakers and over 500 attendees.

  • Initiated and executed HireEZ's first-ever industry trends report (which is still being continued annually).

  • Increase traffic to the company blog by 3x and built our newsletter subscriber list up from zero.

  • Doubled the number of content downloads and leads generated from ebooks.

  • Increase the volume of traffic and social media conversions surrounding new customer stories.

  • Introduce multimedia content into Hiretual's marketing strategy by creating, hosting, and producing three seasons of the YouTube series 'Coffee with Hiretual.'

Reports and guides

Press Releases/Company Announcements


Case studies

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